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Individually Tailored Therapy Sessions

Children react to emotions differently to adults; the key difference is that children act out, express through behaviour, or even exhibit physical symptoms as a way to communicate their distress. For example this may be by: being withdrawn, refusing to eat, over eating, behavioural issues, being withdrawn,  sleep issues including nightmares, night terrors, mood changes, a general decline in academic performance, bed wetting, self-harming and/or experimenting with illegal/legal substances.

It is a worrying and scary feeling to know your child is going through such difficulties.  It can also be extremely daunting for parents and guardians who may not know who to turn to for support and how to address the issues going forward. 

Family Unwrapping

Parent Consulations

There is no manual on how to be the best parent and nor do I believe in perfect parenting but more so being a good enough parent.  We all go through our own trials and tribulations in life, and sometimes we don’t realise how it has impacted on us.

These sessions are particularly beneficial for parents to empower and support you in your relationship with your child.  They will help to understand your child’s behaviour, worries, how to respond, and helping to connect with your child due to changes in the family system or your own past difficulties.

Boy Coloring

Mental Health Consultation

Mental health is becoming one of the government’s main agenda due to the rise in concerns of young people’s mental health. It is imperative that schools are promoting mental health, preventing mental health problems from escalating by providing the appropriate training to staff, so they are equip in how to respond appropriately to young people’s needs. With the impact of Covid, it is important that schools are aware of how to support and respond to young people that are struggling emotionally and psychologically; especially with the constant disruptions that they encountered in 2020.

I provide bespoke mental health consultations to schools where safe guarding and pastoral  leads discuss young people who are displaying concerns: this could be behavioural, emotional , self-harming and other risks. 

Online Children's Meditation & Empowering Young Minds Workshops

Having years of experience within the mental health field and my own self development, it is super important for me to do preventive work with children and young people. Stress can affect us all in so many ways; mentally, physically and emotionally. For some children they may not be able to express themselves and feel stuck, which can then develop into maladaptive behaviour ( explained in the individual therapy section).


These workshops are specifically tailored to provide a safe space for young people to de-stress but also educate them about brain health. Please see testimonials on Indigo_Mind_. 

When I first went to Heenal I felt very unsure of myself and was a very anxious person. I had never really spoken about my emotions with someone, however Heenal was able to create a very comfortable environment from the first session. This made it much easier to trust her and work through tough subjects. Heenal always set goals that where realistic but also pushed me out of my comfort zone, so that I felt empowered which really boosted my confidence. Aside from all of her great therapeutic qualities, Heenal is also a really lovely person with a warm and caring demeanour about her. She really allowed me to start to live my life again.

Client Aged 16

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