Child and Therapist
Couples Therapy

Parent Consultations

Parent consultation sessions  helps  to explore your own childhood, how you were parented and how this is impacting on your parenting with your child(ren). By learning and understanding your own narrative, it helps to break old patterns of behaviour/reactions; which help to strengthen and develop your relationship with your child(ren). I also incorporate parenting strategies to support you with the above.

Family Moments

The Parent Consultations help in the following ways:


You will have a space to explore your own feelings and difficulties without being judged and what’s coming in the way of your parenting.

You will be given a range of tools/strategies to help with your own development, responding to your child and supporting the family as well.


These sessions would help to break old patterns of parenting style that are not healthy.


Connecting with yourself – by not feeling guilt, shame or anxiety because of your own past difficulties 

Helping to build a strong and happy relationship with your child(ren).


Session duration: 50 minutes

Prices start from £90-£110

Initial Assessment Service

Initial assessment is where I take full information on the young person; developmental history, school, behaviour and current mental state. 

The parent(s) and the young person complete screening questionnaires in conjunction with the assessment to get a thorough understanding of what’s going on for your child. 

The Initial Assessment Service is useful:


To provide information to access support from Specialist service.

Supporting information for health insurances to get the appropriate treatment.


Initial assessments are useful to bring awareness to schools and other agencies in how to support the young person in and out of the classroom.


Helping you and the school to implement a safety plan, assessing risks and what steps to take to respond and support your child’s mental health.

The Price for an Initial Assessment is £210

This includes:


The Initial Assessment 

Screening questionnaires to support the assessment

Follow up telephone call