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Child and Therapist

Mental Health Consultation

I have successfully delivered mental health presentations and mental health consultations to schools nationally; they have found it extremely beneficial to have support in dealing with mental health difficulties that they are not trained in.

I have received feedback from schools on how this service has helped them feel secure in making appropriate decisions for their students, protecting them, and confident in accessing other services. 

 The teachers and leads expressed feeling empowered in knowing how to approach and support their students who have mental health issues.  

 By having this support in place for the students it helps to reduce further deterioration in the young person’s mental health, and parents and teachers feeling safe knowing the young person is getting the correct support.

Elementary School Teacher

The Consultation helps the School to:


Have a clear plan on what actions and steps to take in supporting the young people  


Managing risks- for the young person  and to others, and addressing the risks from a whole school perspective 


Supporting the school to access specialist services for the young people.


Supporting staff members with strategies to help the young person in and out of the class.


Providing mental health training on a whole school approach, therefore learning and understanding mental health specifically around  areas the school require support in. 


Staff  supervision- this provides a contained space for the staff to discuss young people who have mental health concerns/risks, and require support in how to work with them, going through their strategies and the impact it has on them.

​Price: This is a bespoke service  made accordingly for the school, therefore the costings depends on the requirements and needs.

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